Website Design & Development

Giving you control of your website

Your business needs a well designed and easy to navigate website. You need to be able to update this website regularly, in order to keep visitors interested and properly reflect changes in your business and circumstances.

The problem is your web designer isn’t interested in making small changes. Or if they are, they charge too much and work to their own priorities.. so what’s the answer?

The answer is Smartweb…

Smartweb content manager overcomes these problems. It puts you in control of your website and brings the benefits of the internet to your business. It offers:

✓ Simple website creation
✓ Quick and easy update facility
✓ Cost-effective solution for your business

We provide training to use the smartweb content manager, all you pay for is the training, after training you benefit from inclusive telephone support to ensure you can successfully update and publish your site.

The key benefits for your business

An effective web presence provides valuable benefits for any business and our smartweb content manager puts you in control:

  • Improved customer service – access to your business for anyone, anywhere at anytime
  • More effective marketing communications – constantly up to date
  • Increased sales and revenue – open for business 24 x 7 x 365
  • Improved trading relationships – greater visibility of your business activities
  • Reduced operating costs – a cost effective way to trade and communicate
  • Linked to social media – maximise the use of both website and social media

WebIT4U Content Management Systems (cms)

One of the major benefits of having a website compared to a product brochure should be that the website can be kept up to date all the time whereas once a brochure has been printed if changes are needed it’s a major undertaking to update it and reprint it.

In reality, how often do you hear website owners say “I can never get my web developer to make the changes I need when I need them!”

With our content management system this becomes a thing of the past. Let us design and develop your website to a design which meets your goals and then easily take over the ongoing management of your website.

In this way your website will always be as up to date as you want. Changes are made according to your priorities not your web developers priorties.

Contact us to show you how easy it is to update your website with our content management system now. We’ll show you a range of website designs which can all be updated easily with our content management system.

Do you have a content management system (cms) in your current website? Is it easy to use to maintain your website? Why not talk to us now?

To find out more about how your business can benefit from using Smartweb to take control of your website, contact WebIT4U Now! Call us now on 01376 617660 or email: info@webit4u.co.uk